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Expert System Databases Overview


A Summary of Our Expert System Databases

DraftLogic Electrical is the only building systems design expert system.  We created DraftLogic Electrical by combining existing proven technologies to build an application that is much more that the sum of its parts. We started with the industry leading Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, AutoCAD, and Microsoft’s powerful relational database, SQL Server. We then expended over 44,500 person hours to build an application on top of the AutoCAD and SQL Server base that would hold the knowledge of a building electrical systems designer and be able to apply that knowledge to a floorplan provided to it. The result is the patented DraftLogic Electrical expert system.

We call these databases of stored knowledge the Project Library, the Room Library, the  Luminaire Library, and the Design Parameter Library.  The other pages in the DraftLogic Electrical section of our website explain how our expert systems computer code benefits you.  Herein we will tell you about each of the expert system databases.

Out of the box, we provide you with all expert system data you need for a number of common project types. At a minimum, this is a good start for most projects and in some cases may not even need expansion. User-friendly forms make it easy to add to or modify the expert system data so that DraftLogic Electrical finishes your projects your way.

DraftLogic Electrical Project Library Project Basics Category


The Project Library

The DraftLogic Electrical Project Library provides you a permanent repository of the projects in progress and completed by your firm.  The Project Library holds values for each of the more than one hundred project parameters that tell DraftLogic Electrical's expert system what you want done with your project.  There are over 30 project templates ready to go out-of-the-box.

Some examples of these settings are:

  • Which electrical code to apply: CEC or NEC.
  • Where you want your large motors circuited to: the main distribution panel, an MCC, or to regular branch circuit panels.
  • What the allowable voltage drop percentage is for circuits on each of branch circuits and power tree circuits.
  • What percentage diversity do you want applied to each of lighting circuits, receptacle circuits, motor circuits, heater circuits, and panel child circuits.

See the Project Library Page for more information.


DraftLogic Electrical Room Library Lights Tab



The Room Library

The DraftLogic Electrical Room Library holds all the specifications for how DraftLogic Electrical should service rooms in your projects.  Each of the four types of Automated Placement is completely controlled by these values.  There are over 1,550 room definitions included in the Room Library.

The Room Library stores the fixture selection, foot candles, switching method, and lighting organization for foot candle-based lighting.

For room perimeter receptacles, the Room Library stores the maximum distance between receptacles, the wattage to assign to receptacles, and the receptacle type selected for placement in the room.

The Room Library also stores which of the rules for rule-based lighting and receptacles are to be executed for each room.

See the Room Library Page for more information.




DraftLogic Electrical Luminaire Library


The Luminaire Library

DraftLogic Electrical includes a database of over 1,635 luminaires that provides instant access to image files and luminaire data for your staff to use on projects.

You can add new fixtures to the database as you desire.

For your clients, DraftLogic Electrical links luminaire details to the fixture tags on your project in a luminaire schedule and in a project specific luminaire catalogue.

You no longer have to search catalogues or the Internet for common fixture types.

See the Luminaire Library Page for more information.




DraftLogic Electrical Design Parameter Library Rooms Tab


The Design Parameter Library

Dealing with a list of hundreds of rooms to select from when working with DraftLogic Electrical within AutoCAD would be awkward to say the least.  The Design Parameter Library provides an intuitive way for you to reduce the rooms list in a project down to a manageable amount.  By doing so, you also ensure standardized treatment of similar spaces in a project.  There are over 125 design parameters ready to go out-of-the-box.  

The Design Parameter also holds your desires about what types and sizes of panels that DraftLogic Electrical is allowed to put in the drawing during automated circuiting.

See the Design Parameter Library Page for more information.