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Project Library


The Project Library Expert System Database

The DraftLogic Electrical Project Library stores vital data about all your DraftLogic Electrical projects.  Most of the parameters held therein control some aspect of how DraftLogic Electrical automation is going to affect your project.  


DraftLogic Electrical Project Settings Dialog Panels View

Organization & Effects

The over one hundred parameters are organized into different categories to help you in finding the one you are concerned with when you want to make change:  Project Basics, Lighting, Motors & Distribution, Panels, Branch Circuit Wiring, Power (aka receptacles), Panel Diversities, and Fault Levels.  If your organization desires to make the DraftLogic Electrical Project Library the central respository of project information, you can add unlimited numbers of parameters and parameter categories to achieve that goal.

The settings that you choose control every facet of the automation: from setting the measurement system to ensure calculations based on drawing distances are correct, through to setting the maximum number of circuits you want grouped for a home run during branch circuit wiring.

The Project Library comes prepopulated with template values for commonly used project types like schools, apartment/condos, warehouses, and office tenants.  Depending on the type of project you are going to start on, the template values may be ready for use as-is or may require minor changes.

 To the left we see the Project Library dialog with the panel settings selected.




Using The Project Library

DraftLogic Electrical Project Library Main Dialog


Projects are added, deleted, and modified using the DraftLogic Electrical Project Library.  When you select a project to modify the settings of, the Project Settings dialog box is used to view and modify the parameters.

DraftLogic Electrical users can either copy one of the templates to use for their project, copy any existing project, or start with a new project.  Even the new project provides commonly used defaults to get you up and running with your project ASAP.  DraftLogic Electrical comes ready-to-go with templates for over 30 of the most common project types.

You can change values of the parameters held in the Project Library any time you desire.  Whenever you use one of DraftLogic Electrical's functions or generate a schedule, DraftLogic Electrical looks to project parameter values as they are set when the function is executed or schedule generated.  Since it takes so little time for things to be done in DraftLogic Electrical, it is very fast and easy to perform a number of 'what if' tests with different project parameter values--for example, if you want to see how your power tree protection and feeders 'shake out' using a variety of diversity settings for lights, receptacles, motors, and heaters.


Above we see the Project Library main dialog where
projects are managed and drawings are associated.



Shared to Maximize Benefit

All users at your office will be able to see the projects that anyone has done and leverage off of the time invested in each for a fast start with their new project.

As the database of project settings expands your project setting input times will become shorter and shorter. DraftLogic Electrical’s ability to remember the settings will be a material time saver.  DraftLogic Electrical becomes smarter and more effective each time you use it. Think of it as a designer that never retires. Your organization’s knowledge is stored and built on as long as you continue to use DraftLogic Electrical.