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Room Library


The Room Library Expert System Database

DraftLogic Electrical Room Library Room List Open

The Room Library holds all the room definitions used by DraftLogic Electrical for any automation that relates to creating rooms (aka spaces) or automatically placing devices in rooms, like lights and receptacles.



Ready Out-Of-The-Box

DraftLogic Electrical comes with over 1,550 room definitions ready-to-go in the Room Library. 

With these room definitions, you can start working on the most common types of projects--immediately!  Each room definition tells DraftLogic Electrical how to treat that room type during automated room creation and automated placement.


To the right we see the DraftLogic Electrical
Room Library with the room list open.




The Room Library dialog is organized using easy-to-use tabs to separate the lighting relevant information from the receptacles relevant information, and both of them from some general configuration data.

 DraftLogic Electrical Room Library Top Area Only


To the left we see the DraftLogic Electrical
Room Library top section with the Room Definition
management functions (New, Copy, Rename, and
Delete) and the Lights, Receptacles, and General Tabs.





DraftLogic Electrical Room Library Lights Tab




Using the Room Library

The DraftLogic Electrical Room Library form lets you create new room definitions, modify existing room definitions, or delete room definitions from the database.

For selecting the fixture to use for foot candle-based lighting, you get an intuitive three level browsing system to reduce selecting a fixture from sifting through thousands of fixtures down to a maxium of ten or so. 

You control how many of these fixtures end up in the rooms assigned with this definition by selecting the foot candles rating for the room. 

You select whether to organize the lighting in end-to-end fashion or to let DraftLogic Electrical spread them evenly throughout the room. 

Lastly, you select whether to switch lights in standard fashion, two level fashion, front and back, or with no switching.



Above, we see the DraftLogic Electrical
Room Library lights tab.




DraftLogic Electrical Room Library Receptacles Tab



Room perimeter receptacles are also under your complete control. 

You select the type of receptacle you want spread around the room perimeter, the maximum distance between these receptacles (none will be placed behind counters or door swings), and the load to assign to each receptacle.



To the right, we see the DraftLogic Electrical
Room Library receptacles tab.




Shared to Maximize Benefit

The Room Library is part of a shared SQL Server database, so once you or a coworker adds a room definition, it becomes available to everyone in your office.