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The Luminaire Library


The Luminaire Library Expert System Database

Luminaire Library Categorical Tree of Fixtures

The Luminaire Library holds all electrical system design vital data about each type of fixture.  This includes all the information needed for the zonal cavity calculations as well as data that you want to be able to include in the Luminaire Catalogue to present your clients.


Ready Out-Of-The-Box

Over 1,630 different fixtures are ready for use in DraftLogic Electrical upon installation. Easily add or change fixtures using the easy-to-follow Luminaire Library form. Up to 100,000 different fixtures can be contained in the database, so you have plenty of room to add any fixtures that you need over and above what we provide out-of-the-box.



The Luminaire Library organizes fixtures into approximately forty categories with subcategorization by voltage, wattage, and/or dimensions as applicable for the fixture type.  Doing so makes it quick and easy for you to find the types of fixtures you want for a particular purpose when working with fixtures for manual placement in the floor plan or when selecting what type of fixture you want used for the foot candle-based lighting in a room definition.

The Luminaire Library provides you with a hierarchical tree for easy browsing of fixtures when working within the Luminaire Library.  Fixtures are automatically classified into this structure based on the selections you make when creating a fixture definition.


To the right, we see the
Luminaire Library categorical
tree of fixtures for easy
browsing of the fixtures
in the library.


Using The Luminaire Library

The Luminaire Library form empowers you to add, delete, copy, or change any of the luminaires held in the database.  The form provides you with easy-to-use lists for selection of options where your choices are restricted to keep the data standardized, and free form input fields where you can type what you desire.

 Luminaire Library Management Tools




Supports An Individual Image For Each Fixture

DraftLogic Electrical associates an image file (several varieties supported) to each record in the Luminaire Library. The image file is available for viewing anytime the user is on a form that allows for fixture selection or when the user is browsing the Luminaire Library. The images are also placed in the luminaire catalogues that DraftLogic Electrical generates for projects. Users can add or modify images.

 Luminaire Image

Luminaire Library Full Dialog



• You no longer have to search catalogues or the internet for common fixture types.
• Designers and clients both benefit from easy access to luminaire specifications and image files. The possibility of the wrong luminaire being specified and the client missing it is vastly decreased.
• The Luminaire Library grows as you use it, needing less and less modification as time goes on.



Shared to Maximize Benefit

The Luminaire Library is part of a shared SQL Server database, so once you or a coworker adds a fixture, it becomes available to everyone in your office.