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The Design Parameter Library


The Design Parameter Library Expert System Database

The DraftLogic Electrical Design Parameter Library holds design parameters, which are sets of defined settings that limit the room definitions usable in the project and panels that automated circuiting will use in a project.


Ready Out-Of-The-BoxDesign Parameters Library Showing Rooms Tab

DraftLogic Electrical comes with over 125 design parameter definitions ready-to-go in the Design Parameter Library. 

With these design parameter definitions, you can start working on the most common types of projects--immediately!  Each design parameter definition tells DraftLogic Electrical what room definitions to use during automated room creation and what panels are allowable to use during automated circuiting.


To the right, we see
the Design Parameters Library
with the rooms tab showing.




Limiting room definitions ensures that the room-type list that is displayed when you use DraftLogic Electrical in AutoCAD is kept to a manageable length instead of displaying all 1,550+ room definitions. This also helps to standardize room treatments for automated placement in a project.

The Panels tab restricts the panel types that DraftLogic Electrical will place during automated circuiting.


Using The Design Parameter Library

The Design Parameter Library form lets you create new design parameters, modify existing design parameters, or delete design parameters from the database.

The Rooms tab contains lists of all rooms in the Room Library (Available Rooms) and a list of rooms you have selected as allowable for use in this design parameter (Selected Rooms).  Standard Windows forms tools for multi-selection and other list tools are all available.

Design Parameter Library With Panels Tab Showing

The Panels tab is where you define panel settings for the parameter for automated panel placement, which occurs as part of automated circuiting.  You check off which panel voltage and phase configurations you want to allow, the number of circuits they should support by default, the mounting style, and any manufacturer and part number information you want included with the panels to be automatically inserted.  Your ability to place manual panels is unrestricted by any of these choices--they only affect DraftLogic Electrical when panels are being automatically placed.

To the left, we see
the Design Parameter Library
with the panels tab showing.





Shared to Maximize Benefit

The Design Parameter Library is part of a shared SQL Server database, so once you or a coworker adds a Design Parameter definition, it becomes available to everyone in your office.