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Last Minute Changes


The Last Minute Change Nightmare

It's 2PM, and the drawings are due for delivery today.  You had to work late last night, but you managed to put it all together & the project is ready to go.  Then the phone rings...  On delivery day, you know it would be best not to answer.  Unfortunately, you know that they'll just keep phoning, or just email and not bother calling again.  Yep, it's the client or one of the other consultants calling with a last round of changes!

It's Happening Again

Time and time again, you hope that these last minute changes won't happen, or that the changes will be inconsequential.  This time, it is on the bad side of 'the usual':  the quantity, location, and electrical requirements of all HVAC motors in your two floor 60,000ft2 project has changed. 



Engineer working late at night overwhelmed by paperwork

There Goes Another Night of Sleep

You are in for a rough twelve hours or so: 

  • removing the old HVAC motors,
  • circuiting the new ones,
  • determining type and size of protection for each motor,
  • determining the feeder for each motor,
  • changing all affected panel schedules,
  • changing the loads and protection and feeder for each feeder device affected by the changes made to the panels powering the motors,
  • updating the single line diagram,
  • totally reworking the motor schedule,
  • and updating the bill of materials.






Happy and Having Coffee


Last Minute changes the DraftLogic Electrical Way

Wow, shake your head!  That nightmare was how you used to do things...before DraftLogic Electrical. 

Now, things are much simpler: 

  • update the motors in the floor plan,
  • run automated circuiting,
  • and then run a reports batch to completely update the panel schedules, single line, motor schedule, and bill of materials all in one fell swoop.

Oh yeah, and while DraftLogic Electrical takes a few minutes to update all those schedules for you, you are off enjoying a coffee and donut.