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Integration Questions & Answers Overview


DraftLogic Electrical Integration Questions Overview

In working with the companies that have purchased DraftLogic Electrical & in conversation with those who would benefit from DraftLogic Electrical, some of the same integration questions have come up several times.  In the pages referenced below, we address those questions--just click the below links or use the top menu to browse for the detailed integration information you desire.
Customizing Floor Plans and Schedules--all DraftLogic Electrical schedules are completely automatically generated for you & are made of completely standard AutoCAD elements--blocks for schedules and viewports for floor plans.  You have numerous customization options!
CAD Standards--use the complete symbol and layer standards included with DraftLogic Electrical as-is or modify to completely or partially match your existing standards?
License Management--manage your licenses to maximize designer productivity and usability while minimizing licensing cost
DraftLogic Electrical Installation--quick and easy InstallShield installs get you up and running fast
The Libraries:  Customization and Application--our libraries hold all your site data and benefit you more as time goes on and you add to the data therein
Updates--we're always working on something to increase your designer productivity
What NEC and CEC Tables are Built In--DraftLogic Electrical performs the standard code calculations using these referenced electrical codes tables, user overrides are available for when the designer wants to exercise their discretion or apply code requirements that fall outside standard treatment
What Should I Do When the Project Architect is Using Revit?  The 2D floor plan export with space boundaries can be one of the best quality sources for DraftLogic Electrical to use, see this page for details on how to use it.



User Customization

Much of the above information is the answer to 'can users customize DraftLogic Electrical?'  The easiest way users affect the results of the DraftLogic Electrical Expert System is by setting the now over 90 project parameters & by selecting from/adding to/modifying the thousands of room, luminaire, and design parameter definitions in the DraftLogic Electrical Libraries.  We built DraftLogic Electrical to be guided by lots of user controllable data in our four Libraries specifically to allow for a high degree of user control/customization without the need for programming.  At the same time, we supply an immense amount of prepopulated data so that DraftLogic Electrical is ready to go out of the box, unlike most other systems that require weeks of customization before they are usable for their intended purpose.
Let us know if your questions about user modifications have been answered or not by the above links.  We are happy to address any further questions you have or to explain any of the integration questions & answers you see on the website.  Feel free to call, email, or skype at your convenience.

How Do I Learn to Use DraftLogic Electrical?

We offer three ways for you to learn to use DraftLogic Electrical.  The most popular method is our new DraftLogic Electrical Video Training Program, since it is offered at no cost & there is no travel involved.  You can spread your learning out over a few days to two weeks.  We still support you via telephone, email, Skype chat, and WebEx to ensure that you learn to use all of DraftLogic Electrical's functions proficiently.  We also offer classroom training from time to time at our Edmonton facility--contact us for a schedule.  Lastly, we can come to your site to train your users.  This is cost effective when you have more than three users you desire to be trained.


We hope the above content has helped you to understand the implications of the various types of symbol and layer changes that you may be thinking of.  We urge you to think carefully of if your firm truly needs to depart from our supplied standards or if your clients will instead be happy with our CAD standards…or perhaps not notice any change except the more robust deliverables you will be making with DraftLogic Electrical!
Please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.