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Updating DraftLogic Electrical


DraftLogic Electrical Updates to Enhance Your Experience

From time to time, DraftLogic Electrical will be updated.  This can be as frequent as every few weeks or as little as every few months.

Update Content

Updates will involve running a DraftLogic Electrical Client update wizard on each client machine & a DraftLogic Electrical Server update wizard on each server machine.  We will also have database updates which can either involve overwriting one or more of our three databases entirely or simply running a SQL script to perform some updates to a specific table.  There will always be a script available to make non-destructive updates to the database (one of our three) that includes information from your Libraries that you likely want to retain!

Performing Updates

We supply a detailed step-by-step manual for performing the updates.  If there is any discomfort with performing updates at your site, our staff will gladly perform the update for you via WebEx.