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CAD Tools Comparison


Electrical Design CAD Tools Comparison


We have compiled a comparison of some commonly used electrical design CAD platforms, showing where each stands regarding the primary features offered by DraftLogic Electrical that are purpose-built for electrical design.  As you can see, the other 'electrical design' CAD platforms do not offer many of the higher value features for electrical designers that DraftLogic Electrical does! 

 Completely automatic single line creation includes all distribution devices, branch circuit panels, and large motors. All for which protection, feeder, bonding, and grounding sizing as applicable are automatically calculated. Auto-calculation of panel and motor protection and feeders (functional out of the box) Automatic voltage drop and conductor derating on all branch circuit wiring and distribution feeders Automatic fault level calculations for all distribution equipment and branch circuit panels, incl. motor contributions Noncoincident loads effects automatically accommodated at branch circuit panels and up throughout distribution equipment to Main Distribution Panel  Fully automatic circuiting of lights, receptacles, and motors Manual circuiting semi-automation Completely automatic branch circuit wiring layouts to lighting, power and motors with multicircuit home runs (ready to use out of the box)  Automatic Bill of Materials report generation including: conduit and wire lengths and sizes, device counts, details and summaries of protection installed on panels (ready to use out of the box) Automatic creation of schedules for panels, motors, light fixtures Lighting watts per sq. ft. report by room and project total automatically generated Link to bidding software to auto-populate Bill of Material counts and detail  Auto-light fixture placement based on user determined specifications for each room type Auto-placement of receptacles based on user determined specifications for each room type  Runs in familiar and fast AutoCAD environment  Lighting fixture database with over 1,450 fixtures included & ready to use (you add and change as desired)