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DraftLogic Electrical Trial Completion

Suggested Questions for Consideration



Thank you for committing to a trial license of DraftLogic Electrical.  We are confident that your evaluator(s) will  return with a positive review if our keys to success are followed.  These keys to success are partially detailed on our website--a quick summary is: A) 24 hours of paid time to learn DraftLogic Electrical, B) sufficient pre-requisite AutoCAD and electrical design knowledge, C) complete and careful watching/doing the entire video training program, D) use DraftLogic Electrical on all projects, and E) call when you need help, don't 'spin your wheels'!

To facilitate DraftLogic Electrical being used on as many projects as possible during the evaluation period, we may be able to assist you with converting projects that are already in progress over to DraftLogic Electrical for completion.  Contact us to discuss this option.

After the Evaluation Period

Some common questions arise from a DraftLogic Electrical evaluation, we have gathered some herein for your consideration.

Your evaluator may not have been able to spend too much time with DraftLogic Electrical; given the time that was available, how much of DraftLogic Electrical's capabilities was the evaluator able to take advantage of?  On YouTube and on our Public Downloads page, we have 1/2 hour demo videos where we cover just the high points of DraftLogic Electrical.  Watch them with your evaluator and ask the evaluator to comment on whether they were able to try each part of DraftLogic Electrical's expert system automation.  The video covers only a small part of what DraftLogic Electrical does.

Will DraftLogic Electrical empower your designers to produce more deliverables in less time?  This is hard for an evaluator to do given they were in the very early learning stages of using DraftLogic Electrical.  In our benchmarking conducted with 'at least somewhat experienced' testers (i.e. not complete beginners and not expert users), design productivity is increased a minimum of 200% and as much as 1300% on projects where DraftLogic Electrical's automation can be fully applied.  At the same time as productivity is increasing, DraftLogic Electrical increases the breadth of deliverables since reports and schedules take only minutes to produce rather than hours or days.  Last but not least, the opportunity for error is reduced due to DraftLogic Electrical's automated quality assurance and expert system calculations.  Your clients get more from you with less errors, thus seeing more value in your services...and it takes you less time to produce the deliverables.

Can DraftLogic Electrical help your organization increase its productivity by 'moving the bar'?  This one might take some explanation, how about some background first.  Most engineering companies function with some mix of engineers and CAD operators.  At one extreme we see firms with fully divided labour where the engineers don't touch CAD and the CAD operators don't know any electrical design at all.  At the other extreme, we see small firms where the engineers do all their own CAD work and there aren't any staff that are purely CAD operators.  Most firms lie somewhere in-between these extremes.  So when we say that DraftLogic Electrical 'moves the bar', we mean that we make AutoCAD somewhat easier to use for those without a lot of CAD experience & at the same time we make electrical design somewhat easier to learn.  Thus, if your organization desires, DraftLogic Electrical can become the engine by which your engineers do more in AutoCAD and your CAD operators take a bit more responsibility than just shuffling symbols that they 'know nothing about' around the drawing.

Will DraftLogic Electrical make your deliverables more consistent?  DraftLogic Electrical comes complete out-of-the-box with a CAD Standard built specifically for building electrical design.  The symbol and layering standards are automatically complied to by both our automated functions and by the tools we provide the user to semi-manually and manually perform design work.  The visual appearance of the symbols can be modified if you desire.  DraftLogic Electrical can even be used for the complete design process where you have clients that required their own symbols to be used--a script can create the deliverables for them at any time from your DraftLogic Electrical WIP and completed design.

Were any requests for support made, and if so, how timely and helpful was the response?  You don't want any of your projects stalled out while waiting for technical support...did the DraftLogic support representative offer either an immediate solution to the issue or provide a usable workaround so you could continue working pending the provision of a solution?

How effective were the training materials/method?  Classroom training is always the most effective since users are taken out of the production environment and can focus completely on learning DraftLogic Electrical software in the presence of an expert trainer.  Since classroom training is not always feasible, especially for evaluation licenses, DraftLogic Inc. provides:  12 hours of training videos , an extensive user manual, and a variety of ways to answer questions for those who are self-training (i.e. support forums, WebEx support, phone support, chat support, and email support).  What was your evaluator's training experience like?  If the evaluator was unable to dedicate sufficient time to any training method, how do they feel that DraftLogic Electrical would benefit them with proper training?

What are the evaluator's prime likes and dislikes about DraftLogic Electrical?  It is best to write up a list of these and send to your DraftLogic Electrical sales representative.   We are very interested in hearing what was liked and disliked.  Also, in many cases we can advise an evaluator of ways of achieving their desired results in DraftLogic Electrical that resolve dislikes.  In our experience, most 'dislikes' come about from not having had time to learn all that DraftLogic Electrical has to offer.

What needs to be done to fit DraftLogic Electrical into your organization?  Generally speaking, people hate change, mostly because change means some mix of risk and work.  Due to this innate hatred of change, many people in an organization would rather stick with the status quo rather than go through the trouble of change, even if that change will make things better for them, their company, and their clients down the road.  Skipping manageable change now can often, however, result in 'no option unmanaged' change down the road when the competitive or regulatory marketplace forces it on the company!  So better to ask the evaluator how they would go about fitting DraftLogic Electrical to your production environment and vice-versa before or rather than asking if they would do it at all.  Write up a list of integration questions and concerns to discuss with your DraftLogic Electrical sales representative.  We have experience in helping a variety of types and sizes of organizations adopt new technology.

Open Communication

Throughout this process, it is vital that you communicate your questions and concerns to us.  We absolutely will not be offended by any comments, so let's put it all on the table and see how much of an opportunity there is for DraftLogic Electrical to benefit your organization.


Looking forward to hearing your evaluation comments and questions,

Gerry Stebnicki, President

Dean Whitford, CEO

DraftLogic Inc.