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About DraftLogic


About Our Company & Flagship Product


DraftLogic: Automating Design

DraftLogic will empower your firm to finish projects faster and more accurately at the same time as providing more value to your clients.


Who is DraftLogic?

We are a software company with our roots in building electrical system design. Our founders had a vision of creating engineering and drafting expert system software to enable electrical engineering firms to complete projects with more accuracy and more robust client deliverables and to do so in less time. DraftLogic was born to bring reality to this vision. 

We are proud to release our first product, DraftLogic Electrical.  DraftLogic Electrical is a patent-protected building systems electrical engineering expert system.  Expert systems are one of the types of artificial intelligence!


Built On an Industry Standard PlatformAutoCAD 2010 Boxshot

DraftLogic’s products are built on top of AutoCAD, the most established CAD platform in the world. This means you will continue to work with DWGs as you currently do, and that when you choose DraftLogic, you will not have to purchase and train on a new CAD platform.  You likely already have the AutoCAD licensing and experience that you need in order to get started with DraftLogic. 

DraftLogic is unique among the companies offering building electrical systems CAD software in that there is no reliance on task specific objects (e.g. walls, windows, doors) coming from a 3D Architectural CAD package. DraftLogic can take drawings from any source, as long as that source can save in or be converted to DWG format.


What is DraftLogic Electrical?

The DraftLogic Electrical LogoOur premier product, DraftLogic Electrical, accelerates project completion by automating most of the building electrical systems design phases, eliminating thousands of mouse clicks and keystrokes for the user.  Since it takes seconds of the user’s time to generate schedules, DraftLogic Electrical enables your electrical engineering firm to broaden your deliverables by including all schedules, diagrams, and reports on all jobs--even for interim deliveries. Your electrical engineering firm can thus provide clients the highest level of service regardless of job size, improving client retention and word of mouth recommendations.

DraftLogic Electrical flawlessly performs your engineering calculations in the same manner and without error, again and again.  No human error percentage to trip you up on your deliverables and detract from your firm’s professional reputation.

The net result of all this is that you will be empowered to finish your project deliverables up to thirteen times faster!  In our benchmark testing, we determined a minimum productivity gain of 2X with as much as 13X--the gain experienced depends on how much of DraftLogic Electrical's automation you can use on your project.


To Learn More

Please proceed to the DraftLogic Electrical Overview Page to learn how DraftLogic Electrical can help your firm to finish projects faster and more accurately at the same time as providing more value to your clients.  If you have any questions, you can find our email information on the Contact Us page

A Sample of the Fully Automatically Generated Panel Schedules
A sample of the fully automatically generated
Panel Schedule produced by DraftLogic Electrical