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How DraftLogic Came To Be

Bright Ideas

The Idea

The concept of DraftLogic was formulated just under a decade ago by our founder, Terry Smith.  He soon allied with Gerry Stebnicki.  Between them, the two founders of DraftLogic have almost eighty years of experience in the building electrical systems engineering field.

The founders recruited Dean Whitford, an experienced engineering applications development COO, to bring DraftLogic to fruition.  In 2010, Terry took a step back to be a passive investor and Dean advanced to CEO.


Bringing the Idea to Life

DraftLogic Electrical is the culmination of over eight years of research and development in engineering automation for building electrical systems. The CAD engineering automation technology that resulted from this R&D is patented.


Contact Us

For more information, please contact our President, Gerry Stebnicki, at email

or our Chief Executive Officer, Dean Whitford, at email at .

Learn more about the entire DraftLogic management team by clicking here.