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Dean Whitford


Our Chief Executive Officer, Dean Whitford

Dean Whitford, CEO Dean was recruited to join DraftLogic in mid 2004.  Initially responsible for the technical design and development of DraftLogic Electrical as a subcontractor, he was hired as Chief Operating Officer in late 2007 and then became a partner and CEO in August 2010.


Management Experience

Prior to joining DraftLogic in 2004, Dean was with Kanotech Information Systems. At Kanotech, Dean was most noted as being solely responsible for the management of a project worth over $12 million in application development & data services. The project was conducted for one of the largest multiple system cable operators in North America & helped make the initiating division of that company the top performer for years (and it still is). There are still hundreds of active seats of the prime software product of that project.

While managing the cable project, Dean also oversaw the development of an entire suite of municipal GIS software (CivicCenter), the sale of that software across North America, and the support of the customers of that software.


Software Engineering Experience

At Kanotech, Dean analyzed clients' needs for information capture and distribution; designed applications to fulfill those needs; and created detailed scope documents for the applications that drove tens of thousands of hours of application development work. During the cable project, for example, Dean designed an entire integrated suite of broadband infrastructure engineering, data capture, and GIS data distribution software.


Entrepreneurial Recognition

Prior to joining Kanotech, Dean was the founder and president of A1 Computers Ltd., ranked as Canada’s 34th fastest growing company in 1997 by Profit Magazine. In 1998, the company was recognized as the 1887th largest company in Canada by Canadian Business Magazine in its ‘Performance 2000’ list.



Dean earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta in 1992. His specialty was in Accounting, but even prior to graduating he became an information technology entrepreneur.