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DraftLogic Electrical Overview


Automating Building Electrical System Design

Expert Systems Brain DraftLogic Electrical is the only computer aided design (CAD) software on the market today designed specifically to benefit building electrical systems engineering firms.


The Only Building Electrical Expert System

DraftLogic Electrical is also the only CAD software designed from the ground up to be a building electrical systems engineering expert system. An expert system is computer software that performs tasks that would otherwise have to be performed by a human expert. Expert systems are part of a category of computer applications known as artificial intelligence.  If you have not seen DraftLogic Electrical in action, then you have not seen the best electrical design software available!  Click here to see our 9.5 minute quick demo on YouTube or here to see our 32 minute more complete demo.  If you don't have access to YouTube (perhaps you have NoTube?), the same HD quality videos can be downloaded from our Public Downloads page.


Automation at the Extent You Choose

DraftLogic Electrical approaches your design project as a whole in its automation.  DraftLogic Electrical offers productivity enhancing tools to help you work with one object or room at a time—just like some other CAD software on the market—but DraftLogic Electrical steps far above all others by fully automating the core design phases on a project-wide basis. Users can opt to process their entire project with the automation, or just portions they choose to.  See the 'DraftLogic Electrical' dropdown menu at the top of this page for information on all facets of DraftLogic Electrical, or go directly to these links to see information on Automated Placement, Automated Circuiting, Automated Branch Circuit Wiring, and Automated Schedules and Reports!

Regardless of how much or little of DraftLogic Electrical's automation you take advantage of, you the designer stays in the driver's seat.  See this page for details about how DraftLogic Electrical keeps you in complete control while at the same time doing the repetitive, boring, and monotonous tasks for you.


Ongoing Quality Assurance

DraftLogic Electrical validates much of the user’s work on an ongoing basis (to prevent many kinds of errors from being made) and by running quality assurance routines. The input validation is an inherent part of how DraftLogic Electrical works with the user to get the job done. The quality assurance routines run at critical junctures during the project, for example before panel schedules are generated, to check a large number of facets of the work for errors prior to generating deliverables.


Building Electrical Systems Design Workflow

Although DraftLogic Electrical is built on CAD, we have not followed the typical CAD interface of ‘leaving the user to wander on their own’. DraftLogic Electrical’s user interface has been designed to intuitively walk the user through the various functions to: reduce learning time, lower the ongoing opportunity for error, and help the user to achieve optimal results in their project as soon as possible.


NEC and CEC Compliance

Both National Electric Codes (NEC) and Canadian Electric Codes (CEC) are fully complied to by DraftLogic Electrical. You select which standard to apply to each individual project, thus supporting your firm's work North America-wide.


Top Of Lighting Parameters Form


Highly Configurable

The vast majority of DraftLogic Electrical’s compliance parameters are user configurable, so if you want a wider safety margin than code it is just a matter of a few keystrokes to change the particular parameter.

For example, you can control the amount that DraftLogic Electrical will load lighting or receptacle circuits during automated circuiting from 1% to 100% of that allowable under code. There are over one hundred parameters that you control at the project wide level that affect DraftLogic Electrical’s behavior during automated circuiting and automated branch circuit wiring.

You can see a sample of the parameters that affect Lighting in the image just to the left of this section. 



To control the automated placement of items, you have complete control over lighting and receptacles by room type—and you can have a virtually unlimited number of room types.



A small portion of the Luminaire Library categorical tree for browsing luminaires



Luminaires Galore

Finally, you have a robust library of fixtures to draw from that you control over twenty attributes of. There are over one thousand six hundred and thirty fixtures to start with, and room for you to add thousands more.

To the right, you can see a small part of the three level categorical tree used to give quick and intuitive access to the thousands of luminaires included in the DraftLogic Electrical Luminaire Library.

All of your project parameters, room definitions, and fixture library are housed in a SQL Server database for sharing amongst your entire site. This means that as soon as one of your coworkers adds a new fixture to the fixture library, everyone else can use it.



Learning More about DraftLogic Electrical

Let’s explore the various facets of DraftLogic Electrical’s automation and productivity-enhancing tools in more detail. 

To learn about a feature in detail, select from the features on the 'DraftLogic Electrical' menu at the top of this page

To learn more about how DraftLogic Electrical can help you, click here for the DraftLogic Electrical advantages

You can also download and freely distribute our brochures or go to our YouTube channel to watch videos of DraftLogic Electrical in action!  The same HD quality videos can also be downloaded from our Public Downloads page.