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Branch Circuit Wiring


Automated Drawing-Wide Branch Circuit Wiring Including Multi-Circuit Home Runs


All Branch Circuit Wiring Tasks Performed

DraftLogic Electrical uses the circuiting information from the devices in your drawing to perform all the steps of Branch Circuit Wiring (BCW) that you would normally have to do yourself.

This includes:

• Deciding on which circuits to group together for home runs;
• Drawing the lines to connect objects in each home run group with conduit, armored cable, or nonmetallic dry cable;
• Calculating connection distance with proper modifications where it is different than a 2D line represents;
• Calculating wire sizes for each circuit;
• Determining the wire counts and marking the lines with wire counts;
• Determining the home run location for each home run group;
• Placing a home run arrow and home run wiring information on the floor plan;
• Accommodating for the affects of voltage drop; and
• Determining conduit size.

Project Parameters Dialog Showing Branch Circuit Wiring Parameters



Automation Under Your Control

Each of these steps is controlled by parameter values that you control, such as the maximum number of circuits to group together for a home run.



To the right we see the project parameters
dialog listing the main parameters for controlling
the Branch Circuit Wiring automation.



 Tools To Make Adjustments or Perform Branch Circuit Wiring Tasks Manually

In most cases, the expert system automation will serve your purposes as-is. In situations where you need to branch circuit wire an object in a special manner, or to branch circuit wire an object that is not supported for automatic branch circuit wiring in this version, DraftLogic Electrical provides semi-automated and manual tools for adding and removing branch circuit wiring.




• A handful of keystrokes from the user and the entire drawing is branch circuit wired in compliance with derating factors and user defined minimum wire sizes, after which the user can make any changes desired.

Luminaires After Automated Branch Circuit Wiring

Pictured above, the Branch Circuit Wiring automation results for a luminaire circuit.

• Quickens project completion by saving users hundreds to thousands of clicks to place lines/wire count objects, and repetitive low value decisions.

• Makes certain branch circuit wiring is accurate by carrying out thousands of repetitive engineering calculations error free.

• Adds to the perceived worth of the engineering firm’s work to its clients by showing wiring and tick marks that are usually foregone to save time.

Receptacles After Automated Branch Circuit Wiring

Pictured above, the Branch Circuit Wiring automation results for a receptacle circuit.