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Other Systems Placement


Additional Systems Placement Overview


Our development team is hard at work creating expert systems support for other systems like fire initiating, fire signaling, and security. Until we release Automated Placement support for additional building electrical systems in a near future version, DraftLogic Electrical will assist you in designing for them.


Manual Placement Assistance

DraftLogic Electrical knows what sort of placement each type of device requires. So a fire pullstation will find the nearest wall location, snap to it, and rotate to its angle. A ceiling motion sensor will go where you place it and not look for walls to snap to.



Existing Support for Other Systems

Several DraftLogic Electrical schedules already support all systems—which you gain the benefit from by using the DraftLogic Electrical blocks to place all of your devices.


So the nurse call, security, fire, and all other devices, regardless of which system they belong to, will all have their quantities reported on the Bill of Materials (see the Bill of Materials page for more information).

The Legend of Symbols will include devices from all systems—but only those used in the project (see the Legend of Symbols page for more information).

There are six different floor plans, one of which is for the systems other than lights, receptacles, and motors (see the Floor Plans page for more information).