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CAD Standards


Comprehensive Object Library And Layers For Building Systems Electrical Engineering

Tool Palette Luminaires Including building system blocks and other blocks used for schedules and the single line diagram, DraftLogic Electrical supplies over 350 blocks 'out of the box'.

Partial Layers List for DraftLogic ElectricalThere are also over 60 layers, including system specific layers plus the layers that DraftLogic Electrical uses to manage its automation.

The breadth of the blocks and layers enables you to design each individual system and have it differentiated both in appearance and in plots and other reports, like the Bill Of Materials report (system specific segregation on the BOM coming in 2013).


To the left, we see
a partial list of the layers
supplied with
DraftLogic Electrical



Automated CAD Standards Compliance

All block placement code in DraftLogic Electrical places system blocks and branch circuit wiring lines on the layers designated for that specific system, making system specific plots a snap. 

Both the automated placement of blocks and lines and the manual tools provided have CAD Standards intelligence built-in to place blocks and branch circuit wiring lines on the correct system specific layers.

Annotation can stay on the same layers as their respective devices or be split out to annotation-specific layers, see this forums item for details


To the right, we see the Luminaires
Tool Palette whic gives one click access
to all of the luminaire blocks.




Systems Supported

DraftLogic Electrical includes the AutoCAD blocks for all needed objects in these building systems: luminaires, power, motors, life+ safety, and low voltage.





• All projects from your office will be built from a unified set of standards, increasing deliverable standardization and thus ease of quality assurance, ease of project transition between staff, and staff effectiveness on projects that are sporadically worked on over long periods.

• New staff will take less time to become familiar with the blocks and layers for your projects as they will only need to learn the one standard.

• Your firm will be enabled to use higher level technology such as data mining and building component reuse.



Standard DWG

All DraftLogic Electrical symbols are standard AutoCAD blocks.  DraftLogic Electrical uses completely standard AutoCAD layers.  This means you can treat the blocks and layers as you treat the blocks and layers you are currently using.