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Accelerating Drafting


Drafting Aids To Accelerate User Placement Of Objects And Branch Circuit Wiring

Tool Palette Commands Tab DraftLogic Electrical provides a number of tools to users to speed up their manual electrical building systems.

These tools increase productivity by automating parts of the manual placement process.

For example, receptacles will find the nearest point of a wall to mount on when a user clicks just near the wall to place a receptacle; then the receptacle will automatically rotate to match the angle of the wall.

Another example is how branch circuit wiring conduit connections from receptacle to receptacle will automatically draw headers at the correct angle and follow the wall at a fixed offset in order to make an aesthetically pleasing connection.



Making Manual Work Faster and More Accurate

DraftLogic Electrical aids users in manual work in a variety of ways: 

 • Tool palettes for quickly selecting blocks from categorical groupings

 • High volume copy/move/place objects tools that give you a choice of editing attributes as you place or not and also that take advantage of DraftLogic Electrical's block placement aids

 • Auto snap and rotate wall mounted objects to nearest point on nearest wall

 • Auto snap and rotate ceiling mounted luminaires into ceiling grid if present

 • Automated object to object branch circuit wiring linework

 • Tool bars for selecting blocks from for those who prefer tool bars to the tool palette 



To the right, we see one of the DraftLogic Electrical
Tool Palettes.  This one shows the high volume move
and copy commands and one touch layer visibility tools.
There are a number of other tool palettes, the sum of
which provide the user one click access to all
DraftLogic Electrical functions and devices to place on
the floor plan.




Below, we see a clip of a sample floor plan where the DraftLogic Tool Palette
one-click functions and devices have been used to 'manually' place
receptacles, fixtures, switches, and fixture tags.  Under 100 total clicks and
keypresses to place and have everything snap and rotate to walls and ceiling
grid cells as applicable.

Some Typical DraftLogic Rooms




• Users will have even their manual work go faster than with their current tools,

• High tolerance object snapping allows users to click a few feet away from their target for an object placement and DraftLogic Electrical will snap to the correct location (for example, receptacles will find the nearest point on a wall when they are dropped within a few feet of a wall, luminaires will snap and rotate into a ceiling grid cell that the user clicks anywhere within, and wire ticks will snap and rotate onto the nearest branch circuit wiring line they are dropped within a few feet of).

• Arduous branch circuit wiring routing for conduit becomes a simple matter of selecting the start and end object—DraftLogic takes care of header angles on each end and making the connection by following wall travel or going through room spaces.