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Panel Schedules


Detailed Circuiting and Load Data At Your Fingertips

When you select the panel schedules to be created, DraftLogic Electrical completely automatically generates detailed circuit-by-circuit reports for every member of the power tree in your drawing. This includes emergency panels, branch circuit panels, central distribution panels, motor control centers, meter centers, and so on all the way up to and including the main distribution panel.

Building electrical designers not using DraftLogic Electrical can spend hours per panel schedule, drafting it manually and then manually having to verify that the circuit numbers and loads are correct versus the electrical design in model space.  Save your designers from 'manual misery' and get them DraftLogic Electrical!


Power Tree Recalculated Each Time

To ensure that your panel schedules are correct, DraftLogic Electrical goes through every device on every circuit to get the current load information. By basing the individual circuits on completely up to date information, all summation data on the panel schedules is assured to be correct.  These electrical load calculations catch any changes you have made in the project, whether you changed the wattage / load on a utilization device like a receptacle or luminaire, or if you added or deleted utilization devices.

All data that the panel schedules rely on is recalculated prior to generating the report, including such things as fault levels and voltage drop effects on the feeders between the distribution devices.


Sections and Data Reported


Panel Schedule Top Section

In the top section of the panel schedules, basic information about the panel is reported, along with project information, and finally the fault level calculated for the panel.  You can customize the appearance of this to include, for example, your company name and logo.  See our customizing page for information.

 Top Section of a Branch Circuit Panel Schedule
Top Section of a Branch Circuit Panel Schedule



Panel Schedule Circuit Detail

In the middle section of the panel schedules, each circuit of the panel is detailed: the location of the circuit, total load, number of devices, phase, breaker size, and circuit number.

Branch Circuit Panel Schedule Circuit Detail Section

Branch Circuit Panel Schedule Circuit Detail Section


Panel Schedule Bottom Section Detail

In the bottom section of the panel schedules, the loads on the panel are presented in a couple of different manners and the bus/breaker/feeder are shown. Total load on the panel is broken down first by phase and then by load type. 

The differing diversities that you assigned for load types are applied to arrive at a total direct load for the panel.

If there were suites in the power tree below this panel, the derated suite load is added back at this time. From the total load with derated suites and load diversities applied, the bus/breaker/feeder are determined and displayed—in accordance with CEC or NEC standards as the user specified for the project.

 Bottom Section of Branch Circuit Panel Schedule

Bottom Section of Branch Circuit Panel Schedule



The Panel Schedules report exactly what has been circuited in seconds.  Never any devices or values from them missed, never any numbers transposed, multiplied, or added incorrectly.

Circuiting changes happening every time you look away for a second?  No worries, the schedule takes almost no time to update.

Rich in detail, the Panel Schedules will be perceived as high value by your client, increasing the perceived value of your services.


Standard DWG

The schedule that is created is built with standard AutoCAD blocks.  This means you can scale, rotate, copy & paste, move, modify any values, and even save the Panel Schedules out to their own DWGs.