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Suite Loads & Derating


Automated Calculation And Schedules For Suite Load Derating

Single Dwelling Load Calculator CEC StyleDraftLogic Electrical performs all derating and suite load calculations in compliance with CEC or NEC standards and completely automatically produces:

•Meter Stack Schedules,

•Single Dwelling Load Calculations,

•Suite Nexus Grids,

•Panel Schedules with suite derating for load calculations.



To the right, we see the Single Dwelling Load Calculator (CEC version) that forms the basis of load calculations for each type of suite.  One Single Dwelling Load Calculator is shown for each suite type, regardless of whether there is one suite of that type in the project or hundreds.










Below, we see the Meter Center Feeder Calculation.  This schedule is produced for each meter center that you place in the floor plan drawing.  It is the first consolidation point for suites & thus the first derate point.  The derated suite load from each meter center is carried up to its panel parent and continues unchanged up through the power tree until a new collection of suites occurs.

Meter Center Schedule CEC Style



Suite Load Calculations and Schedules

When processing a project that has suites in it, DraftLogic Electrical first performs the Single Dwelling Load Calculations to establish the load for each individual type of suite. 

The load from the suites is then consolidated at the serving meter stacks and detailed in Meter Stack Schedules.  

The derated load is carried up the power tree through the parent and child relationships.  Whenever a new collection of suites is created at a parent panel, the Suite Nexus Grid is produced to calculate the new total derated suite load at that point in the power tree.

The derated load is carried into the panel schedules and single line diagrams in accordance with industry requirements.



Below, we see the Suite Nexus Grid.  This schedule is produced wherever in the power tree a new collection of suite occurs that has not prior been derated together.  The Suite Nexus Grid summarizes the numbers of each suite type that are being derated here (also showing the number of each type on each floor of the project) & their loads.  The collection of suites is then derated in accordance with CEC or NEC rules as you have selected for the project.  The derated total load is used in the following schedule, which will be the new parent panel of the new collection of suites.  Suite Nexus Grid CEC Style



• Quicken project completion by saving user hundreds to thousands of: clicks to query attributes, keystrokes to enter data in schedules, and repetitive low value decisions.

• Makes suite loads accurate by performing thousands of calculations and copying data from the project into suite load related schedules without error (meter stack, single dwelling load calculation, suite nexus grid, and panel schedules).

• Clearly demonstrates added value of engineering firm’s work to its clients by allowing for suite load related schedules to be generated for all projects with suites as many times as desired.


 MDP With Suite Derated Loads CEC Style

Standard DWG

The schedules that are created use standard AutoCAD blocks.  This means you can scale, rotate, copy & paste, move, modify any values, and even save the Suite Loads Schedules out to their own DWGs.





To the right we see the main distribution panel schedule for the same project as the above schedules were taken from.  You can see Meter Center #1 circuited to 14/16 but the load as calculated at the meter center is not carried into the main distribution panel's bottom section for bus / breaker / feeder selection.  Instead, the above Suite Nexus has been created to account for the forming of a new, larger collection of suites that requires a new derate calculation.  The load resulting from the Suite Nexus schedule is what is used for the main distribution calculations as you can see by the inclusion of 91,187W from 'Derated Suites' in the bottom section of the main distribution panel schedule.