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Legends of Symbols


Completely Customized Legends of Symbols

Old Style Legend of SymbolsYour electrical design firm includes a Legend  of Symbols whenever delivering floor plans to a client.  It highly likely includes every symbol that your firm may use on any job, including a number of not-so-commonly used symbols.   Your organization may call this by a different name, like:  block list or symbol list.

Readers of the plans thus have a fair amount of searching to do if they want to look to the Legend of Symbols to read the description of what a particular symbol means.




To the right, we see a traditional 'all-inclusive' Legend of Symbols.  If you think your clients don't understand the floor plan as it is, try and throw one of these at them and watch their eyes glaze over!





Trimming the Legend of Symbols

For you to remove unused entries from the Legend of Symbols would take too much time.  So how can we improve on the traditional bloated Legend of Symbols? 

DraftLogic Electrical includes an innovative solution to make your Legend of Symbols the most reader-friendly around.  When you have DraftLogic Electrical completely automatically generate a Legend of Symbols for you, only the symbols you actually used in your project are included. 

The Legend of Symbols thus includes what is needed for each particular project and nothing more.



Below we see the DraftLogic Legend of Symbols,
custom generated for each and every project to include only
the devices used in the project plus what you set up
to always be shown in the 'General' section.

DraftLogic Electrical Legend of Symbols Landscape



Customization ToolsLegend Of Symbols General Section

In order to ensure that you get the Legend of Symbols you want for each project, a variety of functions are included to allow for:

  • The population of exactly what you want in a ‘General’ section (pictured to the right).
  • The ability to block or replace symbols as desired.




Maximum reader friendliness by including only the symbols used in the plans.

Reduced space taken up by the Legend of Symbols.

All this and only seconds to generate!



Standard DWG

The schedule that is created is built with standard AutoCAD blocks.  This means you can scale, rotate, copy & paste, move, modify any values, and even save the Legend of Symbols out to its own DWG.