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Systems Placement Overview


A Quick Summary of Systems Placement

Rooms Before Automated Placement How many electrical design products have you see perform automatic electrical device layout?  The answer is either one (if you have seen DraftLogic Electrical) or none!

A few keystrokes and the entire drawing is serviced by lighting and receptacles. Once DraftLogic Electrical has placed objects based on the rules you decide for each room type, you can add objects, move objects, modify load and the other attributes of objects, or remove objects.


Automated Placement Driven by Room Library

DraftLogic Electrical will place fixtures in rooms based on user specified foot-candles requirements and fixture types, and/or by user-selected rules that place lights in relation to objects in rooms (like workbenches or tables) or content elements (like room center).  The lights will be assigned switch groups in patterns that you control, and switches will be placed by the doors in each room. 

See the Luminaire Placement page for detail on fixture placement automation.

DraftLogic Electrical will place receptacles on walls based on user specified spacing requirements and/or by user-selected rules that place receptacles in relation to objects in rooms (like counters or desks) or content elements (like beside the doorway). 

See the Power Placement page for detail on receptacle placement automation.

Rooms After Automated Placement
Above right we see a portion of a floor plan before DraftLogic Electrical Automated placement is run on the rooms.  To the left, we see the lights and receptacles placed completely automatically during DraftLogic Electrical's Automated Placement function.  The time taken for these six rooms to have these 50+ objects placed is mere seconds!


Support for Other Systems

DraftLogic Electrical includes symbols for devices from all systems that you need to complete your building electrical systems design project.  All systems gain the benefits of our specially designed productivity aids for building electrical systems designers.  All systems are also represented in the automated schedules where applicable, for example the bill of materials. 

In future versions, automated placement will support more and more systems. 

See the Other System Placement page for detail on additional systems support.




Accelerates project completion by saving the user hundreds to thousands of: clicks to place objects, keystrokes to populate attributes, and repetitive low value decisions. DraftLogic electrical performs thousands of calculations and measurements to give you your specified placement of lights and receptacles throughout the project.

Increases electrical systems layout accuracy by executing repetitive engineering calculations without error.