Luminaires and Automated Circuiting

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Luminaires and Automated Circuiting

Postby DeanUser » Tue Jun 15, 2010 9:37 pm

What is the logic applied to the automated circuiting of luminaires? How can I affect the process?
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Re: Luminaires and Automated Circuiting

Postby forumadmin » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:07 pm

Hi Dean,

Thanks for your question, it's a good one! Are you sure someone didn't feed you this?

Regardless, there are several ways of getting the exact results you want out of luminaire circuiting:

1. Let the results of automated switch group assignment dictate the assignment of circuits. Automated switch group assignment occurs at the end of automated placement, or is launched whenever you want on a room or rooms. Automated switch group assignment tries first of all to assign all luminaires in a particular row/column (selection depends on how the room is arranged) to the same switch ID. If the entire line cannot make it onto the same circuit due to wattage constraints, the line will be split evenly as many times as necessary to stay under the wattage constraints for a luminaire circuit. Note that if you are using low voltage switching, you can leave the switch IDs assigned as long as you want and remove them at your leisure after they have helped you out with circuit assignment. You can also manually modify the switch ID assignments prior to running automated circuiting and then automated circuiting will try to assign circuits accordingly, failing to do so only if the total wattage of luminaires assigned a particular switch ID in a room exceed the allowable wattage for a luminaire circuit created by automated circuiting.

2. Strip the switch IDs from lights by selecting as many luminaires as you like and deleting their switch IDs. The AutoCAD properties+quick filter method is a quick and easy way to do this, especially if you team it up with a layer/block isolating tool like our layer controls on the 'Frequent' tool palette. When automated circuiting comes across lights that do not have switch IDs assigned, it will travel the room in a row/column order (depending on room orientation) and assign luminaires to circuits purely with the intent of filling each circuit to the maximum allowable wattage. Circuits will thus straddle rows/columns.

3. Use manual circuiting. You can choose to do so purely to 'tweak' the results of automated circuiting, or to completely change the circuiting pattern. When you use the Circuit Manager to modify circuiting, all you need to do is circuit for what you desire, the Circuit Manager will take care of removing prior circuits for devices and also for cleaning out any existing circuits that you end up emptying through reassignment of its members.

Hopefully this answers your question, please let me know if I can provide further detail on any particular facet of luminaire circuiting.

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