Erase Lines Keep Home Runs

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Erase Lines Keep Home Runs

Postby forumadmin » Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:29 pm

Have you ever wanted to deliver a project with home run arrows and home run text blocks but no BCW linework?

This was always feasible in DraftLogic Electrical by running Automated Branch Circuit Wiring and then using standard AutoCAD tools to isolate and delete the BCW linework. We figured, however, that there was a fair amount of mouse clicks require to achieve this, so we created a one click tool to do it for you.

You can find the new 'Erase Lines Keep Home Runs' Branch Circuit Wiring Tool on the BCW Tool Palette or on the DL Electrical > Branch Circuit Wiring tool palette.

New 'Erase Lines Keep Home Runs' Branch Circuit Wiring Tool
BranchCircuitWiringCommands.PNG (11.73 KiB) Viewed 27243 times

Click it, and you will be asked:

Get erasement mode (1 - all lineworks and wirecounts, 2 - all except for
serviced devices, 3 - all except for serviced and multilines ) <1>:

Only option #1 is implemented right now, hit enter to select it as it is the default <> value. Your BCW linework is removed from the drawing & the home runs stay!
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