Transferring Device Images with a ConEst IntelliBid Export

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Transferring Device Images with a ConEst IntelliBid Export

Postby forumadmin » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:26 pm

The DraftLogic Electrical Export to IntelliBid report transfers detail about everything in a DraftLogic Electrical design directly into the ConEst IntelliBid count sheets. In addition to all the detail about feeders, branch circuits, panel schedules, etc. all devices are transferred to the pertinent count sheet. Each device going to a count sheet that allows for an identifying column header (like the Fixtures and Devices count sheets, for example) also gets the same bitmap in the column header that you see representing that device on the DraftLogic Electrical tool palette and tool bar.

When the estimator who will be completing the estimate for the job is not on the same local area network, i.e. you can't report directly to his ConEst IntelliBid from DraftLogic Electrical, you need to Export the job from ConEst IntelliBid database that you end up reporting into from DraftLogic Electrical and email the export file to the estimator. In addition to the .csj file that is created by the ConEst IntelliBid export process, you need to zip and send the bitmaps if the estimator wants to see the representative image in the column header.

The bitmaps will typically be at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ConEst Software\Misc\Graphics\CS Bitmaps

If not there, you can find the path that IntelliBid is saving to inside the ConEst IntelliBid Admin Utility.

Zip up the entire CS Bitmaps directory and sent it along with the .csj job export file. Your recipient should unzip it in the same location on his hard drive so that any missing bitmaps are added into the appropriate sub folder of their CS Bitmaps directory.
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