Bill of Materials Needs At Least 1 System Materials Device

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Bill of Materials Needs At Least 1 System Materials Device

Postby forumadmin » Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:38 am

If you are intending on using DraftLogic Electrical's Automated Reporting to generate a Single Line Diagram and Bill of Materials for just the distribution equipment in a project (i.e. no utilization devices like receptacles, lights, motors), please be advised that there needs to be at least one item for the 'System Materials' section of the Bill of Materials report in order for it to desire to continue past that section and detail your panels, transformers, and protection.

The device does not need to be circuited or anything, so drop a single switch or receptacle into one of your rooms and run the Bill of Materials & it will run to completion.

Without any 'System Materials' to report the Bill of Materials, as of this writing, figures there isn't anything further to do and you see the Conduit & Wire reported, the System Materials header and that is it. The Single Line Diagram doesn't require a utilization device in the drawing, this forums item is specifically about having the Bill of Materials run to completion.
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