Changing Fixture Types in Tags and on Luminaire Schedules

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Changing Fixture Types in Tags and on Luminaire Schedules

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*** With the 4.1 release of DraftLogic Electrical in October 2013, the Luminaire TYPE numbers are now retained automatically. See this forums item for details:

*** Given the above, and the new Luminaire TYPE Quick Change Dialog to allow you to VERY easily change TYPE uses, this particular forums item is no longer of use! We are retaining it, however, as it still provides a beneficial example of how to use AutoCAD Quick Select in conjunction with AutoCAD Find/Replace to make bulk changes to attribute values. For example, the below process is useful if you want to change all your duplex receptacles from having a load of 250W (5 per circuit when automated circuiting is executed) to 300W (4 per circuit when automated circuiting is executed).

DraftLogic Electrical automatically determines and numbers the reference numbers (called Fixture Tags) for fixtures used in your project into sequenced groups. For example, fluorescent lights are numbered starting with a fixture type of 100 with the next fluorescent fixture type being 101, and so on.

From time to time, you may have a client that insists on a different numbering system. After making reasonable efforts to convince them that '100' is just as usable as 'AAA', you determine that it would be better just to renumber using the system they desire. *** You should try to have to do this only for your final delivery--each time you need to rerun the automated luminaire schedule or luminaire catalogue, the fixture type numbers displayed in those reports and in the tags in model space will be updated back to our standard three digit numbers!

Here are the quick steps to take to perform the change, we'll use an example of going from the standard three digit number (e.g. 201) to an alpha reference (e.g. AA).

1. Save a back-up of your drawing & ensure your AutoCAD view is set to model space.
2. Right click and select 'Quick Select' from the shortcut menu, or type 'qselect' at the command line.
3. Create a selection set of just the fixture tags in model space by selecting options in Quick Select as you see in this image of the dialog. Note you have to make your selections from the top down since earlier choices change your later selection options. Apply to > Entire drawing; Object type: Block Reference; Properties > Name; Operator = Equals; Value > FIXT_TAG; How to apply > Include in new selection set.

Quick Select Settings
QuickSelectSettingsForFixtureTags.PNG (13.18 KiB) Viewed 17152 times

4. The number of entities selected are reported to the command line, this should make sense versus the quantity of fixture tags in model space.
5. Immediately, so you don't deselect the results of your 'Quick Select', launch Find/Replace either from the menu (Edit > Find) or by entering 'find' on the command line.

Find / Replace Settings
FindReplaceSettingsForFixtureTags.PNG (29.03 KiB) Viewed 17152 times

6. Update each set of fixture tags by executing a find/replace for each different fixture type number you want to change to something else. Here you can see the settings used to change fixture type '201' to instead be 'AA'. Note you can use the 'List Results' checkbox and 'Find' option to see a list of what will be replaced if you hit 'Replace All'.
7. You can update your Luminaire Schedule and Luminaire Catalogue to have matching numbers by double clicking on the rows/sections of those reports and updating the 'Type' attribute field in the DraftLogic Electrical Attribute Editor.
8. If you are going to need to rerun the automated luminaire schedule or luminaire catalogue, you will either need to perform this sequence of events again OR you may desire to WBLOCK a copy of the fixture tags out of the drawing to swap back in after an update returns the fixture tags to three digits. Note if you do so, you will need to carefully manually resolve any changes in fixture tag requirements (e.g. if a fixture is changed from one type to another between the time you performed the above versus when you reinsert the tags). You can also keep a copy of your modified luminaire schedule and/or luminaire catalogue by changing the layout name so that DraftLogic Electrical doesn't replace them when it runs new ones.
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