Using the Export to ConEst IntelliBid

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Using the Export to ConEst IntelliBid

Postby DeanUser » Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:13 pm

Hey, I started up the DraftLogic Electrical Report Wizard and I see there is a new report on it! How do I use the 'Export to IntelliBid' report?
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Re: Using the Export to ConEst IntelliBid

Postby forumadmin » Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:07 am

Yes, there is a new report. DraftLogic and ConEst have worked together to integrate DraftLogic Electrical and IntelliBid. Now projects designed in DraftLogic Electrical can be exported into IntelliBid count sheets with about five mouse clicks! If you have ever had to do the counting, scaling, and take-offs necessary to generate a construction cost estimate, you will really appreciate being able to skip all of that and skip the repetitive and painful quantities gathering and completely focus your efforts on working out a good estimate instead.

If your site has both DraftLogic Electrical and IntelliBid, we will add another data source location to your DraftLogic Electrical database so DraftLogic Electrical will know where IntelliBid's database is. In IntelliBid, you create your jobs as usual. When you check off the 'Export to IntelliBid' report in the Report Wizard and execute it, you will be asked to select from a list which IntelliBid job you want to send the data into. There is a 'Protection and Feeder Recalc' checkbox for you to set to indicate whether or not the Load Calculator should perform a recalculation of all the protection types, protection sizes, and feeders throughout the project prior to performing the export.

When you select the 'Export' button to start the export, DraftLogic Electrical will go through your project and send all the device counts, motor data, feeder data, switchgear data, and hvac data directly into the IntelliBid database. As you can imagine, this saves thousands upon thousands of mouse clicks and keyboard strokes!

We soon expect the process to also include the circuit and branch circuit wiring information (estimated completion December 2010).
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