Customizing Schedules

Questions about using and the information behind / in any of the reports and schedules generated by DraftLogic Electrical.

Customizing Schedules

Postby DeanUser » Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:08 pm

G'day, Oracle of DraftLogic Electrical. It is a balmy late October here with only a couple centimeters of snow on the far.

I really love the fully automated schedule and reports generation, saves me all sorts of time and opportunity for error versus our old methods!

The engineers here, however, are asking about getting our company name and logo into the schedules and also about some rearranging of things.

Can I affect how the automatically generated schedules look and add our company name and logo?
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Re: Customizing Schedules

Postby forumadmin » Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:25 pm

Such a flatterer, are you only so nice because you want answers? I wonder if you are so nice when you are on the other side of the ice in a hockey game...

There are a number of things you can do to affect the appearance of the DraftLogic Electrical schedules & still have them generate completely automatically.

Lowest Impact Changes

The changes that can be made with the least worries are in the header and footer blocks, as applicable, for each of the schedules but that do not affect the width of the block or columns of any columnar oriented schedules.

For example: adding your company name and logo, changing text label content, rearranging text labels and the attributes that are filled by DraftLogic Electrical, and adding new text labels and attributes that are not filled by DraftLogic Electrical. To execute any of these changes, open the header/footer block of the schedule you want to change from the DraftLogic Electrical\Server\blk folder and make the changes. As long as any shape change to the block is purely vertical and you don't change the location of column labels (if there are any), these changes should be able to be used as soon as you save the updated block.

To learn the name of the block you need to change for a particular schedule, generate the schedule in DraftLogic Electrical enabled AutoCAD and use AutoCAD 'Properties' to get the block name.

Higher Impact Changes

For reports that are columnar, you can add columns if you desire or change their width if your non-columnar related changes require you to change the width of the report. Regardless, you will need to ensure that any column header labels and lines in the schedule header block match column lines in the schedule body block and so on into any totaling of columns in the column footer block.

What Not to Touch Without Our Help

The block attributes need to stay named the same and be given enough room for the longest values that are expected to fill them. Please contact us if you need to add, delete, or change what DraftLogic Electrical is filling into a schedule block.

Two cautions to note:
1. Before you make any modifications, save an unaltered copy of the block you plan on altering into a 'Unaltered' or something of the like subfolder in the 'blk' server folder. That way, if things go bad or your users want the original one back, you will have it handy.

2. In the unlikely but still reasonably possible event that we at DraftLogic modify a schedule block that you modified to add to DraftLogic Electrical's reporting, you will need to either copy our change back into your modified block or take our new block and redo your modifications. The Drawing Compare use on the unaltered original versus our newly delivered block will identify any and all differences for you, or you can just ask us about the best way to get back into synchronization.

AutoCAD technical note:
When a block is inserted into a drawing, the drawing actually adopts into itself a copy of that block definition as it exists at the time of insertion. Any subsequent changes to the block definition will not be absorbed unless the old definition is completely removed and the block is then reinserted. For model space blocks, we have a tool to update the block definitions to the newest from the DraftLogic Electrical\Server\blk folder. For blocks that generate to layouts, like all the schedules do, it is best to delete the layouts the now-changed schedules were on, purge the drawing to get rid of the old block definition, and then rerun the schedule in question to get the new design of the block used.
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