Copy and Paste a viewport into a different Layout

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Copy and Paste a viewport into a different Layout

Postby DanielL » Thu May 26, 2011 7:50 am

It is most likely required by your company standards to have multiple floor plans on one drawing (layout). When floor plans are automatically created by DraftLogic Electrical, multiple viewports are made that have specific layers on and off. Due to an AutoCAD limitation on viewports, you cannot copy/paste these viewports into different layouts and automatically maintain the layer settings they each have. Here is a procedure to put any viewport on any layout while still maintaining its original look:

1. Go to the layout containing the viewport you wish to move.
2. Enter the viewport (double click within the space).
3. Open layer manager.
4. While in layer manager, press ALT+S to open the layer states manager.
5. Press NEW, name the layer state you wish to save. This layer state should be the only one with a yes in the "Same as DWG" column.
6. While layer state manager is closed, Copy/Paste your viewport into the destination layout.
7. Enter the imported viewport.
8. Reopen layer state manager again whilst in your newly copied viewport, and click on the layer state you wish to restore, and click RESTORE. All layers in your layer manager should now be highlighted blue.
9. You're done.

Keep in mind that you should only need to make at most 6 different layer states (most likely 2 to 4), as Draftlogic Electrical makes only 6 different floor plans. You needn't do it for different floors and such.

Right on,

Daniel Lang
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Re: Copy and Paste a viewport into a different Layout

Postby forumadmin » Thu May 26, 2011 10:44 am

Hey Daniel,

Great tip, thanks for posting it for everyone!

Since this relates to an AutoCAD limitation, I am betting we'll see a fair amount of non-DraftLogic Electrical users benefiting from your post.

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