Trusted Locations for AutoCAD 2014 and Higher

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Trusted Locations for AutoCAD 2014 and Higher

Postby forumadmin » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:17 pm

With the release of AutoCAD 2014, Autodesk has added an additional level of security to AutoCAD. You now have to explicitly specify the locations that you desire to allow AutoCAD to load executables from.

Your DraftLogic Electrical profile will thus be asking you about permission to load executables, on every load, unless you have the 'Trusted Locations' paths set up correctly.

To set these, launch the Options dialog. One way to do so is type OPTIONS at your command line.

Add the paths to your DraftLogic Electrical executables. My system's settings are shown as part of this forums entry. Yours may be similar or quite different, depending on where you had DraftLogic Electrical installed to. In most cases, for example, the base paths will not have the '41e' and '41eb' suffixes at the end of Client and Server.

Add these paths & AutoCAD should stop asking you for permission to load executables each time you launch DraftLogic Electrical in AutoCAD. If any requests remain, look at the file information and add/correct the path to that executable in the 'Trusted Locations' list.
Trusted Locations Sample, Yours Will Differ Somewhat
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