Tool Palette Chaos

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Tool Palette Chaos

Postby DeanUser » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:25 pm

Aaaaarrgh! The tool palettes are very touchy, it is much too easy to accidentally move a tool rather than select it for use. My tools get jumbled easily and then I can't find things. Isn't there some way to stop the tools from moving around?

I also have trouble sometimes with the order of the palettes, can this be locked once I have them ordered how I like?
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Re: Tool Palette Chaos

Postby forumadmin » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:44 pm

Having jumbled my tool palettes accidentally many a time, I can sympathize.

There are actually a few different files and locations involved in all of this, all facets of tool palette life can be locked down if we set them all to 'Read-only' status using Windows Explorer. Just browse to the files we are referring to, right click them and select 'Properties' off the context sensitive menu that shows up at your mouse pointer. The 'Read Only' checkbox is at the bottom left of the default General tab that shows up (in the 'Attributes:' section).

The first matter you mentioned was tools getting moved around by accident. Autodesk has segregated the tool order from the basic palette...tool order is actually stored in your general profile instead of in a tool palette specific file. So to ensure that tools come up in the same order at the start of each session, set the current Workspace to "Read-only". You can find this file, named "", under "C:\Documents and Settings\[current user login]\Application Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2007\enu\Support\Profiles\[current profile name]". Adjust for AutoCAD versions as you need to & note there may be another level of directory under the 'AutoCAD 20ZZ' level that names the version, like 'R18'. Lock all profiles that you want locked in the various subdirectories found in 'Profiles'. Note that I said 'ensure that tools come up in the same order at the start of each session' instead of locking the tool order...that's because you can't lock the tool order within a session! Rest assured, however, that no matter how much you jumble things the tool palettes will return in their default order next time you restart AutoCAD if the profile has been locked.

To lock tool names, palette names, and palette order, we need to set different files in a different location to 'Read-only' status. If you have installed your DraftLogic Electrical using the default paths, here are the files to change to 'Read-only' status using Windows Explorer:

C:\Program Files\DraftLogic Electrical\Client\ToolPalette\AcTpCatalog.atc
C:\Program Files\DraftLogic Electrical\Client\ToolPalette\Palettes\*.atc [there is one atc file per palette in this directory, select them all and right click to change them all to 'Read-only' at once]

Adjust the path as necessary if your install was not done to the default location.

Once this change is done, no one will be able to alter tool properties (e.g. name) or tool palette names. You will be able to reorder the palettes for this session of AutoCAD in 'Customize Palettes' but the order will return to default when AutoCAD is restarted.

If you desire to make any changes to your tool palettes, uncheck the 'Read-only' checkbox of the relevant atx or aws file (i.e. reverse your above change), restart AutoCAD, make your change, exit AutoCAD to commit the change, and put the file back to 'Read-only' if you like.
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