Walls vs. Windows vs. Room Gap

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Walls vs. Windows vs. Room Gap

Postby forumadmin » Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:47 pm

DraftLogic Electrical has been trained to interpret walls and windows quite differently & to try and deal with a wide variety of shortfalls in how each can be drawn by the project architect. The complexity of how each of walls and windows are processed makes their handling take some time--you have probably seen instances where 'Processing Windows' ties your computer up for some number of minutes. When mapping your architect source drawing, consider how to treat the demising of your rooms since there is a third option to walls and windows: room gaps.

Room gaps are processed more simply since they are assumed to be relatively clean lines drawn by you to cut spaces apart that DraftLogic Electrical may otherwise. It is important to keep in mind that room gaps are treated by automated placement as room faces that room perimeter receptacles should not be placed on.

So where you have an opportunity to, for example full length windows where a exterior wall office faces into shared office space in the core of a building, move an existing simple line to a room gap layer (i.e. off its likely original windows layer) or draw a simple line with the Room Gap Line tool to serve this purpose (and get rid of the original likely more complex geometry that represented the windows). This works especially good where the door is also glass (swing or sliding) since you can just replace the whole face of the room with a single simple line and remove the original window and door lines.

As always, ensure you have the room's interior face lines properly joining by using AutoCAD Osnaps...don't leave any small gaps.
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