Project Architect Sent Updated Drawings

Support questions regarding the use of automated room creation and methods for creating room (aka space) and floor boundaries manually. Also any questions regarding use of any of the other Drawing Discovery tools like ceiling grids, floor match placement, or representative object placement.

Project Architect Sent Updated Drawings

Postby DeanUser » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:12 pm

Help! I was at the 90% complete level on my project and just received updated drawings from the architect. What should I do?
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Re: Project Architect Sent Updated Drawings

Postby forumadmin » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:16 pm

From time to time, the project architect will issue new floor plans for a project. Some of these changes will require changes to the electrical design, some of them will not. With DraftLogic Electrical, you have some choices of how to deal with these changes.

In order to select a method, DraftLogic Electrical first provides a Compare Feature that will show you each and every change that the architect made between the recently provided drawing and the last one that you synchronized with. Once you know the extent of the changes, you can decide on how to handle the change.

A change that does not materially affect your electrical work will most likely be easiest to handle by just modifying room boundaries, wall / window / door lines, and device locations as required. This is for when there are not many changes to walls, windows, and doors or objects that you need to provide service to. If you are reasonably far along in the project, you may not be planning to use automated placement any further (or for some projects you may not have used that function at all); in this case you only need to concern yourself with updating room boundaries, floor boundaries, device locations, and room IDs—nothing else matters in regards to DraftLogic Electrical ‘working’ objects.

When the changes are more extensive, you can choose to take either the whole drawing (if changes are prevalent throughout the floor plan) or the changed sections of the drawing (where one floor or part of a floor is changed but the rest are not) through one or all of the DraftLogic Electrical processes. You can reuse your drawing mapping file if you made one & some portion of your room IDs and device placements.

Our training, our support, and your experience will all help you to select a method of handling each architect change in the most efficient manner--minimizing the time you spend on dealing with architect changes while still maximizing the quality of your deliverables to the client. Feel free to send us your work-in-progress DraftLogic Electrical drawing, your original architect source, and the new architect source. We will walk you through the assessment and decision process a few times until you feel comfortable deciding on a course of action on your own.
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