Messy Architectural Not Resulting In Good Auto Room Results

Support questions regarding the use of automated room creation and methods for creating room (aka space) and floor boundaries manually. Also any questions regarding use of any of the other Drawing Discovery tools like ceiling grids, floor match placement, or representative object placement.

Messy Architectural Not Resulting In Good Auto Room Results

Postby DeanUser » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:51 am


I have a project wherein the architectural source is pretty bad. There are many issues: layering windows on door layers, door caps being put on window layers, regular size doors being drawing in two line 18" segments instead of a single 36", undershoots, overshoots, missing walls, and more! I have run it through drawing mapping and automated room creation many times and still get rather ugly room boundaries--where there is even a room boundary created. It looks like if I want good results from Automated Room Creation I will need to basically redraw the architect source. Is this my only option? I would hate to have to do so since it would take me a day or two to do it...
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Re: Messy Architectural Not Resulting In Good Auto Room Results

Postby forumadmin » Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:08 am

The valuable lesson here, which I try to express during training, is that the goal is NOT to force each and every drawing through the Drawing Mapping & Automated Room Creation processes. The goal IS to create quality room boundaries and room ID tags as quickly as possible so you can move ahead with device placement, circuiting, and schedules…i.e. the ‘value-adds of electrical design’. Some drawings you just have to create your room boundaries and room ID tags manually, which takes less than a minute per average room.

It sounds like the project you are working on would be one to make a single 'best effort' Drawing Mapping+Automated Room Creation effort and then to simply delete bad room boundaries and redraw them plus make room boundaries for spaces that simply did not get one. By doing the single best effort mapping and Auto Room attempt you will at least get whatever wall/window/door information can come through easily. Such information will help with the quality of room perimeter receptacles and rule based lights/receptacles.

In the worst case, even the single 'best effort' Drawing Mapping+Automated Room Creation effort will get you more garbage than good. In such instances, get rid of the garbage lines and just manually draw room boundaries and place room ID blocks. Once you do that, you are well on the road to leveraging off the production gains that DraftLogic Electrical will provide you.

For your first few projects, feel free to send the architect source to us for a once over & comments. We will be able to point out some possible tripping points and also to render and opinion about how well the drawing in question will lend itself to Drawing Mapping+Automated Room Creation. After we both look at the same drawing and share such thoughts a few times, you will no doubt start making the judgment call on your own!
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