Placing Clusters of DraftLogic Electrical Blocks as One

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Placing Clusters of DraftLogic Electrical Blocks as One

Postby forumadmin » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:59 pm

Do you need to place a number of blocks as a cluster? A good example is the services that need to be placed for a hospital bed: emergency powered receptacles, regular powered receptacles, nurse call equipment, data/telecom port and perhaps more.

DraftLogic Electrical can do this for you!

In AutoCAD, assemble the row of blocks how you would like it placed. This can include any mix of DraftLogic Electrical blocks with attributes set as you desire. Also block states, like being emergency powered, can be assigned. All of it will travel in the block cluster. After you have assembled all the blocks and set their attributes and states as desired, perform the standard AutoCAD steps for creating a block out of the cluster & save the new block into the DraftLogic Electrical\Server\blk directory.

*** The new Drawing Validator will detect the block snap points as extraneous data and will delete them, please ensure to edit blocks using an AutoCAD profile that does not have DraftLogic Electrical active. Refer to this forums item for more information: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=126 [Please be advised that this functional incompatibility is now resolved: as of build 644 (mid October 2012 release), the Drawing Validator will not automatically run on drawing load if there are not any DraftLogic Electrical symbols in the drawing being loaded. Since a block definition is some geometry and attributes, it does not quality as having any 'DraftLogic Electrical symbols in the drawing'. Thus you no longer have to worry about your snap points being arbitrarily eaten when you open a DraftLogic Electrical symbol (aka block) to edit it!]

Your new block cluster can be placed into your DraftLogic Electrical drawing using standard AutoCAD placement methods or we can set up a new rule for you in the database if, for example, you want your block cluster placed behind hospital beds in patient rooms.

If the block cluster is something you will need on a regular & long term basis, we can set up a tool palette button for it so you have the usual auto snap and rotate functionality that you get with all other DraftLogic Electrical blocks.

Once you have one, some, or all of the block cluster in your project, you need to EXPLODE each instance of it in order to change from the cluster back to the individual DraftLogic Electrical blocks that will now act just like other DraftLogic Electrical blocks for circuiting, reporting, etc.

If you would like to see an example and are using build 588 or later, check out the HOSPITAL_BED_ASSEM that is placed behind beds in the Patient Room definitions.
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