Osnaps Active Management- At Your Control

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Osnaps Active Management- At Your Control

Postby forumadmin » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:04 am

In build 588 and later (August 2012), you now have the ability to turn our Osnaps Active Management on and off.

What is Osnaps Active Management? It is the automatic selection of certain osnap settings for each individual DraftLogic Electrical process where you need to create entities like closed polylines, room boundaries for example. Our developers have tried to have each function use the osnaps that make the most sense for that function.

Each of the 200+ instances of Osnaps Active Management should save your osnaps settings prior to the function and restore them after the function is complete.

If you are an expert AutoCAD user, you may desire to control the osnaps yourself. To disable Osnaps Active Management, open the Operations Center > User Preferences tab, uncheck the 'Actively Manage Osnaps' checkbox, and select 'Save'. Check it back on and 'Save' to turn Osnaps Active Management back on. Note that certain functions will not pay attention to this setting as we were unsure of the implications of modifying them in this way...but such functions are very few.

Let us know if you have suggestions for changing which osnaps are turned on for each function or if you have general comments about Osnaps Active Management & enabling/disabling it.
New user preference for Osnaps management
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