Long Skinny Troublemakers -- Invalid Room Cavity Ratios

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Long Skinny Troublemakers -- Invalid Room Cavity Ratios

Postby forumadmin » Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:30 am

In a recent release of DraftLogic Electrical, we made what turned out to be a bad decision--selecting a basically nil CU for rooms that resulted in an invalid room cavity ratio for the zonal cavity calculation. Why was this a bad decision? Rooms that had a room cavity ratio of greater than 10, i.e. exceeding the zonal cavity lookups, sent DraftLogic Electrical into a processing loop...that never ended.

Apologies for the inconvenience to those that had to halt AutoCAD with the task manager and run Automated Placement on blocks of rooms to isolate their troublemakers. The troublemaking room was usually a long skinny room, thus the title of this forums entry :)

In build 588 and higher (August 2012), we instead force room cavity ratios that are higher than 10 to be 10. These rooms are error arrowed accordingly so that you can review the fixture count and adjust as you desire, since forcing the RCR to be 10 will likely result in a higher fixture count.

Use standard AutoCAD tools to make the fixture adjustments, or use the Luminaire and Foot-Candle Adjustment tool to force different foot candle and/or CU values to change the fixture count for the room and have DraftLogic Electrical remove the initial auto placed luminaires and replace with the altered count.
Room Cavity Ratio out of range error arrow
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