Luminaire Type Naming Now Retained & New Naming Systems

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Luminaire Type Naming Now Retained & New Naming Systems

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The 4.1 release of DraftLogic Electrical will now remember your selections and the last used names for luminaire types. No more changing type assignments between executions of the Luminaire Schedule and Luminaire Catalogue, unless you want to change them.

The enhancements to luminaire type naming also include a number of new luminaire type naming systems & provides you with the ability to add your own new naming systems. The current 'categorize by light source into numerical ranges' system remains available among a number of new ones that are ready to go ('Light Source Subcats: ### ').

Where to Choose Your Luminaire TYPE Naming System

Make your selection of the naming system you want used for luminaire types in the Project Library. There is a new 'Luminaire Type Naming System' project parameter at the bottom of the 'Lighting' parameter category.

Luminaire TYPE Naming System Parameter at bottom of Luminaire Parameters List
Lighting_Parameters_20130928.PNG (19.58 KiB) Viewed 20312 times

Procedure: New Project and Have Just Run Automated Placement?

Automated Placement places luminaire tags automatically and when doing so it simply uses the luminaire CODE since no TYPE has yet been set on the luminaires. To have the luminaires adopt the naming system of your choice, you must use the 'Clear Fixture + Tag: TYPE Values + Sequencing' function (see below on how to launch). You should only do this in each project the first time you are going to run the Luminaire Schedule. If you do it again after the first time, any sequencing changes you manually made or that happened due to luminaires being added and removed from the drawing will be lost in a clean reshuffle of the luminaire TYPE naming.

Procedure: Added New Luminaires to An Existing Project?

If you have manually added new luminaires to a project by copying or from the tool palette, DO NOT run 'Auto Fixture Tags' or 'Auto Switches and Fixture Tags' yet! First rerun your Luminaire Schedule and/or TYPE assignment dialog to get a TYPE name assigned to each of the new luminaires that fits nicely into your already-established naming system. After you have done so, running either 'Auto Fixture Tags' or 'Auto Switches and Fixture Tags' will use the newly assigned TYPE names created at the start of the Luminaire Schedule.

If you found this procedure too late and have already run automated fixture tags for some new fixtures OR added luminaires to your project by using the Automated Placement or Luminaire Adjust tools, you can either:
A) use the AutoCAD 'Properties' window to clear out undesired TYPE values from all luminaires and tags and then run the Luminaire Schedule to get new ones assigned in line with your existing ones,
B) clear all TYPE values (see below) and rerun the Luminaire Schedule to assign the TYPE value anew for all luminaires in compliance with your selected naming system, or
C) use the Luminaire TYPE Quick Change dialog to specify new names for the luminaires that had TYPE values that are the same as their CODE values--they will be easy to pick out in the lists on the dialogs since the TYPE assigned will be the same as the CODE, e.g. 1000 [1000].

Procedure: Want New Fixture Tags Placed?

The use of the 'Auto Fixture Tags' or 'Auto Switches and Fixture Tags' functions has not changed, it is merely the timing of the use of them that you need to be careful with since they will assign the CODE value as the TYPE when they run across a luminaire without a an existing TYPE assignment. So once you have used the Luminaire Schedule and/or TYPE assignment dialog to assign each of your luminaire CODES a desired TYPE value, you can freely remove fixture tags and run the automated fixture tag functions without harming your luminaire TYPE names (i.e. the CODE to TYPE relationship is held on the luminaires themselves in priority to the same on the luminaire tags so will survive deletion of all luminaire tags from the drawing).

Naming Systems Supplied with Version 4.1

Here is a list of the naming systems & descriptions of what they do:

Project Parameter Selection: Description:
---------------------------- ----------------------------
Initial Lumens: ### -- Subcategorize by Initial Lumens; naming ### in blocks (e.g. 101-1500 initial lumens = 200-299)
Light Source Subcats: ### -- Subcategorize by lamp element type; naming ### in blocks (e.g. Incandescent=1-199)
Light Source: I# / F# /.. -- Subcategorize by lamp element type; naming I#/F#/H#/E#/L# in blocks (e.g. Incandescent=I1, I2...)
Light Source: #I / #F /.. -- Subcategorize by lamp element type; naming #I/#F/#H/#E/#L in blocks (e.g. Incandescent=1I, 2I...)
Light Source: IA / FA /.. -- Subcategorize by lamp element type; naming IA/FA/HA/EA/LA in blocks (e.g. Incandescent=IA, IB...)
Light Source: AI / AF /.. -- Subcategorize by lamp element type; naming AI/AF/AH/AE/AL in blocks (e.g. Incandescent=AI, BI...)
Order by Code: A -- Order by Fixture Code, no subcategories; naming A-Z capital letters (A-Z, AA-AZ, etc)
Order by Code: ### -- Order by Fixture Code, no subcategories; numbered (1, 2, 3, ... , 999)
Order by Code: a -- Order by Fixture Code, no subcategories; naming a-z lowercase letters (a-z, aa-az, etc)

New Luminaire TYPE Quick Change Dialog to Allow You to Manually Set TYPE Values

There is a new dialog to provide you with the ability to force any CODE to be any TYPE and also to change one TYPE value to another. Existing CODE-TYPE assignments show in square brackets, e.g. 1000 [aa]. When you use this dialog to change or select a TYPE assignment, it updates all affected luminaires in model space, all fixture tags in model space, and any Luminaire Catalogs and Luminaire Schedules on layouts.

TYPE Change Dialog
TYPE_Change_Dialog_20130928.PNG (8.19 KiB) Viewed 20312 times

Launch the new dialog from the DL_Electrical menu or the tool palettes (Command tool paletter, Systems Placement tool group).

DL Electrical Menu with new Systems Placement items
DL_Electrical_Menu_Systems_Placement.png (35.73 KiB) Viewed 20312 times

The third function on this new dialog, and an additional menu/toolpalette function to do the same ('Clear Fixture + Tag: TYPE Values + Sequencing'), will clear all the TYPE assignments from the whole drawing. Use this if you want to clear everything out either to start anew with the same system or start over with a new naming system.

*** Since the TYPE naming now persists between executions of the Luminaire Schedule, the only way to use a new TYPE naming system is to clear the old one away first.

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