Representing Unusual Loads

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Representing Unusual Loads

Postby DeanUser » Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:56 pm

I have some unusual loads I need to represent, like power and controls for raising basketball hoops and scoreboards and charging port for an electric Zamboni. There aren't specific symbols for these items on the DraftLogic Electrical tool palettes. What do you suggest I use to get the loads on my plots, circuited, and scheduled?
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Re: Representing Unusual Loads

Postby forumadmin » Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:09 pm

Yet another great question from 'DeanUser'! Or did he steal this question from someone else...

The first thing to consider is 'how do you want this load to be treated'? If you want to see it identified as and possibly circuited with receptacles as a group, then you can either use one of the receptacle symbols or use the 'smart' junction box (aka direct load / direct connect / hard wired junction box). Both the 'Special Receptacle' and 'Junction Box (Direct Load)' allow you to specify each of phase, voltage, and watts so should be usable for any load you desire. You may also want the load to be recognized as a motor, in which case you have the three different motor symbols to choose from.

The second thing to consider is 'do you want the load to show up on a schedule'? DraftLogic Electrical will automatically produce a Motor/Heater Schedule and a Kitchen Schedule for those types of devices. As you can guess, all uses of the motor symbols are reported on the motor schedule. The same schedule also reports all uses of 'Heater' symbols if you have enabled such behavior for the schedule with the 'Detail Heaters In Motor Schedule' project parameter. The Kitchen Schedule will report on each individual use of a 'Kitchen' type receptacle or direct connect junction box. If you do want a schedule reporting special loads and do not have kitchen devices you want reported, then use the 'Kitchen' type receptacle and direct connect junction boxes and run the Kitchen Schedule report--you can BURST the 'Kitchen Schedule' title and change it to say whatever you want. You have another 'schedule making' option in using the the AutoCAD Data Extraction tool--details on this are in your AutoCAD help and also at other places in this forum (like viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14 ).

If you are using a generic type of symbol to represent an unusual load, you may want a note to appear on your plots. Each of the symbols mentioned above has an optional 'Equipment Tag' visible attribute that you can populate in the Attribute Editor dialog or through the AutoCAD Properties dialog. Some of them, like all the motors and kitchen-type receptacles, also have a 'Unique Name' visible attribute that shows up on the plots. Both the 'Unique Name' attribute and the 'Equipment Tag' attribute are also used in the Motor/Kitchen Schedules.

Please note that if your 'unusual' load is really more usual than it is unusual, we want to consider having a block for it. I.e. if the block will show up in 10%+ of projects. The balance we need to achieve is keeping our CAD Standards, in this case the symbol library, down to a manageable size. So if you think we should consider having a specific symbol to represent a certain type of load, please email us. If you have a symbol that you have used before for the load, please send it with the request to give us an idea of what you think the symbol should look like.
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