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Testimonials From Our Users and Presentation Attendees

Gerry Stebnicki, President and Active User

Posted Date: December 31, 1969

·         Gerry has over four decades of electrical engineering experience including the 450 million dollar Cross Iron Mill's shopping complex project and the 500 million dollar Alberta Children's Hospital.

Gerry is afflicted with the dreaded ‘knack’; can’t stop designing so does design work through his StebEng company in addition to being DraftLogic Inc's President

 ·  Key projects worked on as the sole employee of StebEng:

o   Fifty+ floor project including condominiums, offices, retailers, and an underground parkade

§  Designed in 277/480 for all except condos, which were designed at 120/208

§  The project was taken to 70% complete in 60 hours of design time; 25 hours of which were time to prep the PDFs for the electrical design work; prep time would have been only about 5 hours had he been given best quality source drawings instead of PDFs.

§  The project was done for electrical contractor bid purposes on $8-9 million job

§  DraftLogic Electrical demonstrated great value in voltage drop calcs and feeder sizing to help the designer choose optimal quantity and location of meter centers and the distribution to them

o   Complete design for a project with 135,000 ft2 of offices in four buildings plus a separate parking structure

§  The project is/was constructed Q2 2013.

§  The project took 50 hours all in for electrical design, including all design and meeting time

o   An interesting project on the go Q2 2013 is a 15,000 ft2 indoor recreational usage         

§  4 hours design so far to get to 65% complete

§  It is estimated that 10hrs total design time and meetings will be required to complete the electrical design

o   Another work in progress project is an 13 floor twin tower consisting of 700,000 ft2 of offices plus a parkade

§  This project is 10% done to date, it is estimated to require a total of 66hrs design time plus of 20hrs meetings to complete

o   Gerry also did a preliminary design for a Postal Sorting Facility of 750,000 ft2

§  The project was taken to 70% complete in 40 hours design time. We did this project for electrical contractor bid purposes on a $12 million job


See Gerry speak about his personal experiences as a DraftLogic Electrical user at YouTube.


Blown Away At NECA 2011 San Diego

Posted Date: October 26, 2011

Our CEO, Dean Whitford, was in the ConEst booth at NECA 2011 demonstrating DraftLogic Electrical and its integration with ConEst IntelliBid.  There were a variety of the 'usual' comments from those who saw DraftLogic Electrical in action ("That's Amazing", "Every designer should be using this", and so on), but Dean's favorite comment by far from someone he demonstrated to was:

Holy F***!

Dean attributed the comment to 'the guy in the blue shirt from Sunday' in order to protect the innocent.

Gerry Dipasupil from TWS Engineering

Posted Date: October 26, 2011

Initial Doubts
Before using DraftLogic Electrical, I was skeptical that it would make my work easier and allow me to finish projects faster while producing more deliverables.  DraftLogic's stated features and benefits about its flagship product just sounded too good to be true!


Made for Building Electrical Design
During the three days of training, I saw how DraftLogic Electrical had been designed for building electrical systems designers like me.  The functions did what I needed, rather than something a programmer thought I would need but really didn't understand.  


The First Project
I recently completed my first production project on DraftLogic Electrical.  The project was a large, warehouse-style retail operation.  The luminaire types and locations were all specified by another consultant as were the specification for all motors and panels on the job.  This looked to be one of those projects where the DraftLogic Electrical folks say that their software will still benefit you but you will not be able to take advantage of all that it offers.

To perform my design work, I used the automated placement for a few rooms but mostly manually placed luminaires, receptacles, and motors using the DraftLogic Electrical tool palette and auto snap and rotate insertion tools.  I selected the location of all my panels and placed them myself instead of leaving any for DraftLogic Electrical to manually place, as the other contractor had also detailed what they wanted for panels.  The initial stages of the project thus went at about the same pace as a regular job would--the placement went a bit faster but there was a bit of extra drawing set up time to offset the gain in placement.


Taking Advantage of DraftLogic Electrical
Once I completed placing devices, DraftLogic Electrical started to really show its benefits.  Circuiting went much faster than usual, even though I did some of the circuiting using the Circuiting Manager tool instead of letting the full circuiting automation do it all.  Once the circuiting was done, I was able to produce panel schedules and the single line diagram in minutes instead of hours.  The motor and luminaire schedules were seconds to generate, as was a project-specific legend of symbols.  I was able to add the branch circuit wiring and produce a complete bill of materials in minutes, which I never have done before as we don't have time to draw branch circuit wiring on our regular jobs.


My Favorite Benefit
One of my usual frustrations on projects, changes from other consultants that require me to redo my work, was easily dealt with by DraftLogic Electrical.  The motors specification was drastically changed four times, and the panels specification was changed twice.  Normally these changes would have doubled my time on the job, at a minimum.  With DraftLogic Electrical, I spent a grand total of less than a day in dealing with all the changes!


Amazed by First Project Results and Expecting Even Better on the Next Project
All told, this large, warehouse-style retail project that DraftLogic Electrical was supposed to offer its minimum performance gain on was completed in half the time it would normally have taken me.  This amazed me when I considered: the number of changes that the other consultants had requested, the fact that it was my first project after being trained, the increased deliverables I generated for the project versus usual, and the fact that I was running a beta version of the product.  I am absolutely confident that future projects will go even faster for me due to my level of experience increasing and DraftLogic Electrical having gone through a number of improvements since the beta version I used.  I look forward to using DraftLogic Electrical and in helping others in my company to use it.

Wowed At NECA Boston 2010

Posted Date: October 11, 2010

Sean Knutz from Balanced Rock Electric in Twin Falls Idaho stopped by our booth at NECA Boston 2010 in early October. 

After seeing us demonstrate DraftLogic Electrical, he had this to say:

" We came to the NECA show looking for one thing that would help us change our business, DraftLogic Electrical was that showstopper. There were lots of new tools and gagdets that can help but DraftLogic Electrical stood out far above the rest"